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Matching experts with related news communities

All NewsX stories include a sophisticated taxonomy, the same taxonomy that is applied to editors, publishers, influencers and companies in each community. This allows us to plug you directly into newsrooms dealing with the stories that you are uniquely qualified to talk about. We do not charge for this and value the contributions that you make. All we ask is that we set up a way to contact you for a fast turnaround, and that your opinion is yours and independent. Access to your skills helps us to make the issues in your specialist fields transparent to others. If this describes you, then please sign up for free and become a member of NewsX as an accredited specialist.

Matching Experts With Related News Communities

Companies that trust the NewsX community

Daily mirror
The lad

Expert partner benefits

Cutting edge newsroom technology
We give you access to our Fourth Estate (T4 Hub) virtual newsroom, a cutting edge news management software first introduced over 20 years ago that has changed and evolved since to satisfy all the needs of a modern news team. With T4 Hub you can work directly with the editorial team as they prepare the news.
Tailored news feeds
We need experts to make our news relevant and easily understandable to a global audience. To do that, we use our Fourth Estate (T4 Hub) virtual newsroom software, where a sophisticated taxonomy is applied to each item, allowing us to match news with the relevant expert.
A duty of care
The journalist's job is to inform, educate and entertain. But the analysis, opinion and context can best be provided by you, the expert commentators with the appropriate qualifications and credibility. You will be helping our audiences to understand the news of the day, and answer the questions they are likely to have.

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