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Tailored news feed from our global network

Our independent, professionally produced content comes with a detailed taxonomy to ensure we send relevant news as it happens. Once you join our publisher network, you can set preferences and choose how you want the feed delivered to your editorial. We offer RSS and MRSS feeds, email, FTP, Fax and more, to ensure optimum delivery for a fast turnaround. We can also deliver news packages, complete with headlines, directly to your WordPress site.

Tailored News Feed From Our Global Network

Companies that trust the NewsX community

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Daily mirror
Publisher benefits
Cutting-edge newsroom technology
Our Fourth Estate (T4) virtual newsroom is a news management software first launched over 20 years. It has changed and evolved over the years to satisfy all the needs of a modern news team, with both remote and office working.
Tailored news feeds
We offer content from many sources, including agencies that use our Fourth Estate (T4) virtual newsroom software. A sophisticated taxonomy with each story allows delivery via subject topics or geographical regions of both exclusive and non-exclusive feeds in different formats.
Professional news communities
We help create professional editorial teams at the heart of news communities that then match with related publishers, experts, influencers and firms to produce and share optimum content.

Our numbers speak for themselves

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