NewsX Communities

NewsX is a Community Interest Company, which means we are not-for-profit, we are for our communities.

It's enshrined in our articles of association that revenue has one purpose, and that is to pay for supporting communities by writing about what they care about.

We do so without fear or favour, which means we write the truth.

NewsX is the home where independent journalism can be created and published, and the NewsX communities are the place where our stories grow, and where we harvest them and share them with the world.

We make no money from our communities, 100% of the revenue goes back to the virtual news teams who create stories from the communities they represent.

Communities are also part of the community, a sophisticated taxonomy make sure that stories can be shared across different communities as relevant, with subject and geography specific categorisation just two of eight categories to ensure stories go where they need to be shared. They go where somebody cares.

We are looking for partners that want to develop news communities, regardless of whether they are looking to increase understanding of a fringe topic or ensure local coverage of a region that has become a news desert. We another PR agency, we will look at everything with the lens of journalism, and pass on everything that the world wants to know about, that the world needs to know about.

If you have something you care about, that you believe will survive the test of journalism, then set up a community with us, and we will give you a global window to showcase that community.

We aim to build your community, make it self-sustaining, and hand it back to you after three months where it will continue to represent the community and earn money that funds that process.

We can either run it as part of our not-for-profit project, or you can take it over yourself, and run it as a business. The choice is yours.

NewsX Communities
To build or not to build
Whether you have an existing news community with a distribution network that we will welcome into our network or you are starting from scratch, we have a programme for you.
Specialised news teams
The only way communities can share their message is with a professional editorial team, that is independent and with access to a global distribution network. That ensures there is always someone somewhere who wants to publish. NewsX community teams offer that service.
Software does the work
There are almost no journalism professions that have not been automated through the power of software. Apart from journalism. NewsX brings a suite of powerful software that does everything you need except the journalism.
Rebuilding a lost network
Local news media and specialist publications were once the heart of original content for the news media landscape. NewsX rebuilds this network for the benefit of society and the global media landscape.
Sustainable ecosystem
All too many news projects die when the funding runs out. NewsX communities aim to become self-sustaining within three months, with the size of the operation simply changing to reflect the revenue coming in. Content is then generated and distributed at no cost.
Strength in numbers
The more communities rebuild, the more cross pollination we have in sharing ideas with other communities that make everybody better off.
Sophisticated taxonomy
The only way to run a global news exchange is by an automated process of taxonomy generation across what NewsX means eight different categorisation channels. That means we place what you care about where it needs to go to find others who care as well.
Teams work
You are not alone. Everything you need to create your community is available with NewsX. From editorial through to identifying news that will make the international agenda, we have a solution.
Become a believer
We are independent, we believe in what we do and in sharing what you care about with a global audience. We will not accept PR, or marketing or advertising to weaken that message. Support what we do so that we can support what you care about. NewsX. The next generation news network.

To visit some of our current news communities in action

If you wish to sponsor a NewsX community, please specify the subject and / or the geographical region you want to promote with NewsX when you write to us using the contact form.

If you want to build a NewsX community the application will only be accepted from people who have worked in one of newsrooms and qualified for a senior role. NewsX communities need to balance a mixture of experienced professionals to guarantee standards and be well paid for it, and enthusiastic newcomers who want to learn the skills of the trade and also earn a living wage as they train.