Once registered as an influencer, you will get the chance to build a personal relationship with the corresponding specialist in covering your stories. We do not take payment for coverage. If we like the story, we will write and distribute it for free. You can even comment, but we decide on the angle and the headline. You are welcome to send exclusive news and insider tips to your correspondent.

Yes, every time a breaking news story happens, journalists will contact you with questions. Of course, we will use your preferred communication method to do this.

NewsX is free for experts, publishers, influencers and editorial staff, and for publishers and editorial staff, we pay you for your involvement.

To work for NewsX, you need to share a passion for news and you need to start either as a freelance contributor on a revenue share if you are a journalist, or alternatively qualify for one of the other editorial roles and join one of our existing newsrooms. We also offer internships lasting 1 to 3 months with ongoing assessment and at the end, they can result in a paid position for those who meet the NewsX standard. If you are considering a career in journalism, this might be for you, as you benefit from training and real experience in generating news content, and at the end of it, you also have the chance of being offered a permanent job.

We offer different deals to get access to your news, from subscriptions through to individual sales and revenue share. We also offer shares of advertising revenue from video and picture stories based on visitor numbers. Typically, in order to negotiate a set rate per story or a subscription for all content, we would need to start on a revenue share to examine the popularity of your content with our publisher partners, and asses its potential to generate revenue. 

Simply decide what role you want within the community, and use the appropriate contact form to send us your details.

We classify publishers into three tiers, Tier one is international and national news media, tier two is local, regional, and specialist publications and broadcasters, and tier 3 is powerful platforms that might not typically include news content.

Yes, you can, you need to let us know the taxonomy, and we will match it with independent journalists and news communities for consideration.