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NewsX harnesses the power of blockchain technology to build and support a global decentralised network of independent news-generating communities. It revolutionises the current business model of buying in content, Instead, we pay NewsX partners for it to be used, turning one of the highest costs on its head, and creating a revenue stream instead.


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22 September 2023
(starts) A gangland killer has been jailed for the rest of his life after he shot an 11-year-old boy...
22 September 2023
(starts) A large supermarket chain is to pay GBP 3.3 million towards tackling racism in Brazil after...
22 September 2023
(starts) A 32-year-old woman was arrested after she tried to stab her dog for stealing her sandwich...
22 September 2023
(starts) A cabbie who hired a teenage hooker for a romp in his car stabbed her to death after it...
22 September 2023
(starts) This is the astonishing moment a cute pack of meerkats assembles after a scientist plays...
22 September 2023
(starts) A lucky punter could not stop looking at his ticket after he scratched off a half-a-million...

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