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NewsX harnesses the power of blockchain technology to build and support a global decentralised network of independent news-generating communities. It revolutionises the current business model of buying in content, Instead, we pay NewsX partners for it to be used, turning one of the highest costs on its head, and creating a revenue stream instead.


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01 December 2023
(starts) A female bank manager could be facing up to 226 years in prison for allegedly conning...
01 December 2023
(starts) This is the moment a thief robs a gas station with a giant cardboard box on his head. The...
01 December 2023
(starts) A horrified aunt who drove over her eight-year-old nephew's head with her Range Rover in a...
01 December 2023
(starts) A man who killed and butchered his business partners and buried their body parts in a field...
01 December 2023
(starts) A notorious drug lord whose name is among Europe's 50 most wanted criminals has been sought...
01 December 2023
(starts) A former jailbird who hit the lottery jackpot was close to tears as he experienced...

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