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Instead of building bridges and embracing potential, the news landscape has become fractured and polarised, with media organisations becoming islands and fighting to defend their share of a fast-vanishing audience. Credible news that informs, educates and entertains cannot be created in an echo chamber.

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At NewsX, our opposites make us stronger - our shared values bind us.
We want to work with people who embrace the importance of diversity.
By building newsrooms that encompass all sides of the political spectrum, we get healthy debate and audience credibility.
We strengthen the barrier between newsrooms and advertising to ensure news remains independent – and advertisers have a platform that is trusted for their message.
Our quality reporting benefits from our tabloid storytelling, and our tabloid storytelling benefits from our quality news' respect for the facts.
Most stories originate locally, while global reporting has local consequences.
All media now embraces the entire spectrum, so we do too, print and broadcast media all have webpages, and all do videos and text stories, embracing each other's specialities.
Having a not-for-profit NGO to monitor standards alongside a profit-orientated independent news community creates a perfect balance for investment, sponsorship and growth.
A sophisticated taxonomy ensures that maximum usage is obtained for every story, from hyperlocal or bulletins and newsletters through to in-depth features, investigations, books and documentaries.
Verified/Original content
We build relationships with other media and highlight the best reporting around the world while contributing to the news landscape ourselves.
NewsX communities/Global media network
A common editorial standard for all content, with multiple editors working together in a global network of virtual newsrooms.

Whether you are an experienced professional or someone looking for a career in journalism, NewsX has a place for you.

We need self-starters as we shape our project into something that works for everybody, and pays a living wage to news professionals who share the mission.