Earn with NewsX

Earn with NewsX

NewsX is about informing, educating and entertaining with independent news content – with an emphasis on independence. 

But news content still needs to be paid for, and we are looking to work with partners to develop projects and ideas that bring revenue to make it happen. 

So while NewsX is not for profit - the profits are made by our partners, and NewsX communities. 

We work with you to help you gain revenue in different ways. 

We offer content creators the chance to monetise in many ways to suit their priorities. 

We are also looking for qualified professionals and trainees to take up paid roles in our network of virtual newsrooms. 

We also publish for available vacancies in other media. 

Our news communities and individual reporters are all matched based on their geographical and subject specialities, meaning they can be sent relevant press releases for news items that partners would like us to consider covering. 

Suppose you are working in a niche subject or an area that is underrepresented in its news coverage. We offer you the opportunity to get sponsors to our NewsAid project, and we also support charities and worthy causes, and similar projects, through our Journalism Without Borders initiative. 

Earn With NewsX