Publisher Partnerships

Are you interested in a closer partnership with NewsX?

A NewsX multiplication partnership might be for you?

Are you interested in a closer partnership with NewsX?

Publisher Benefits

Multiply your reputation and the value you get from your content by sharing selected items with others in the NewsX community.
Every story shared allows you free access to multiple stories in return, increasing the volume of quality stories you can publish
More readers means more and better advertising deals

A publisher partnership is only available to existing subscribers. It gives you free content and instead of other media taking your editorial without attribution – we give you a live link credit, as well as bylines for your staff and eventually revenue. We will not show all the stories everywhere, we will tailor them so that stories do not go to more than a limited number of places to keep the exclusivity and the value. It is not about limiting the reuasage of your content - more about protecting quality news content and demanding fair attribution.