NewsX The Blockchain Powered Global News Exchange

NewsX offers a radical change in the way media operates.

In stage one, this means paying media partners for content to be published to recognise the importance of the services they provide.

As the project progresses, other equally radical proposals will be implemented to raise quality, help media partners build brands and tackle other problems as they arise, such as homogenisation in the news media landscape and rewarding quality over quantity.

As NewsX is a Community Interest Company (CIC), the company's purpose is supporting journalism and not generating profit. That means supporting our publisher partners and our editorial communities.

NewsX is a fusion between the worlds of blockchain and traditional media. Traditional media brings respect and credibility to this emerging technology, while blockchain brings revenue and reach.

The network will be protected by a common NewsX standard, guaranteeing independence, accuracy and balance. There are no filters, and editorial communities are free to cover everything they feel is essential as long as the reporting is fair, independent and accurate.

The network is decentralised and self-correcting. Journalists will work to provide the highest standard to gain ranking in a global network and then followers; publishers will select the best content for their market and can choose to hire the best journalists using coins to work on that content.

NewsX is also investing in technology to make the editorial production process smoother, allowing journalists to concentrate on journalism. For example, a virtual newsroom CMS places every individual story through 11 different stages of production, ensuring quality and professionalism at every level.