The following prices for our services are now no longer valid, as we have moved to a business model where we pay media partners to publish content instead of them paying us. If you wish to become a media partner, or set up a community, please contact us via our publisher application:

NewsX Subscriptions
€ 1.500,00
€ 5.000,00
€ 8.000,00
Daily news feed
Editorial queries
Flag list
Geographical limitation Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Licence duration Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Number of stories included 10 40 Unlimited
Suggest stories
Tailored news feed
Text, picture, video
CEN news tips

NewsX Communities

To build a working NewsX community and run it for three months you will need the following services.
Building a NewsX community of experts and influencers 15.000 euros
Editorial team: editor, office manager, illustration editor 15.000 euros
Software setup: T4, website, content scraper 3.500 euros
Training editorial team and help desk 4.000 euros
Social media promotion and SEO team 7.500 euros
Total for three months 45.000 euros