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What is the significance of having a code of conduct in journalism, and how does it distinguish journalism from other forms of content creation2023-10-10T11:52:21+01:00

Ever since social media and online publishing made journalism so much more accessible, it’s been carried out by many who do not see the difference between activism or self-promotion and real journalism.

The difference between these is whether or not there is a code of conduct on how to operate. Only journalism produced with a code of conduct can be classified as such.

Can you give some examples of ethical questions addressed by the journalism code of conduct and style guide2023-10-10T11:55:21+01:00

The code holds the answers to questions like “Can a journalist publish material that is illegally obtained?”, or “Can a journalist use subterfuge to get a story?” or “can a journalist pay an informant?”

A style guide offers advice on all sorts of ethical questions, answers that have evolved over years to create principles that should be at the heart of every newsroom.

How does NewsX enforce its code of conduct and ensure that its editorial team adheres to it2023-10-10T11:59:11+01:00

The code means journalists should have no ulterior motive. No vested interests. No unattributed, amalgamated content. And above all, that there was the separation between editorial and advertising.

NewsX enforces this by constant peer review by fellow journalists, which is a vital part of the editorial process because we are the guardians of the reputation of our media partners as well as our own brand and credibility.

How does NewsX handle PR and marketing material to ensure credibility and trust in the news feed2023-10-10T12:02:33+01:00

NewsX is different, as the barrier between advertising and editorial is no longer an abstract, it is an actual physical entity that ensures no interference with one in the activities of the other.

PR and marketing is still turned into real news, but only after being put through the lens of journalism, meaning credibility and trust when the message is worth it, and no contact between advertiser and editorial other than facts for the story.

What is a byline brand2023-10-10T12:08:49+01:00

All too often news items, when published, do not bear the name of the original content creator. But, by offering exclusive news it will be easy to enforce and insist on the original content creator’s byline being used.

This byline is the creator’s own personal brand which carries guarantees of their reputation for journalistic integrity – and creators will be expected to protect their brand by producing independent, accurate news content.

A central register records the byline and ensures that only one byline can be applied to one content creator, the same as in acting where there can be only one Tom Cruise or Robert de Niro.

How does NewsX deal with press releases and encourage companies to create newsworthy content2023-10-10T12:16:18+01:00

Because press releases only get published based on merit, and the only thing that will be guaranteed is that journalists agree to look at the release and provide feedback as to why it is used or rejected, it creates an ecosystem where pointless press releases become a thing of the past.

Then, once again, advertising agencies and marketing departments will have to create offers that are going to interest the media in order to gain genuine coverage that consumers of a news feed can trust.

What consequences do writers and contributors face if they do not adhere to the journalism code at NewsX2023-10-10T12:26:40+01:00

Every individual content creator has a unique brand within NewsX, there can be no names that are the same, and each individual is responsible for protecting their brand.

Allegations of a breach of professional standards will be investigated thoroughly and a voluntary panel of NewsX members will adjudicate and rule on each instance. Details of every ruling will be published.

Content creators found to be in breach will be required to address their wrongdoings or may even be banned from NewsX for breaches of the code deemed serious enough to merit such action.

More information can be found in the NewsX Code of Conduct here.

What are the initial goals of the NewsX project2023-10-10T12:47:29+01:00

To create sustainable independent journalism from a decentralised network of news communities working in different graphical regions, using different languages and covering different specialist subjects.

What is a Community Interest Company2023-10-06T08:53:54+01:00

A community interest company (CIC) is a type of company, designed for social enterprises that want to use their profits and assets for the public good. CICs are set up, with
all the flexibility and certainty of the company form, but with special features to ensure they are working for the benefit of the community.

The CIC legal form was designed to provide a purpose-built legal framework and a “brand” identity for social enterprises that want to adopt the limited company form.

CICs are free to operate more “commercially” than charities.

Find out more here.

Why is NewsX a Community Interest Company2023-10-06T08:58:04+01:00

News is not designed to make a profit. It should comfortably cover the costs for independent journalism, but when creditors and shareholders and investors need to be paid, news suffers.

Community Interest Companies (CICs) are best designed for a specific non-profit purpose, and the NewsX purpose is journalism. CICs are a viable alternative for the news media as they are specially licensed and limited companies, with many not-for-profit style requirements that ensure revenue is spent where it counts – and in the case of NewsX, on journalism.

This means that all NewsX revenue, without exception, is used to pay the editorial teams that are creating it. Salaries for managers and admin staff are also capped.

What is the make-up of the NewsX board2023-10-06T08:48:55+01:00

As well as a president and a CFO, the board of the NewsX Community Interest Company will include:

  1. A NewsX Communities representative also dealing with NFT holders.
  2. A trade union representative making sure editorial staff get a fair deal.
  3. A journalism educator dealing with training and onboarding.
  4. A tabloid media journalist.
  5. A person representing the quality news media.
  6. A CTO for IT and software.
  7. A representative of the videographers and photographers.
  8. A sub-editor managing the style guide and complaints.
  9. A retired journalist working with retired professionals joining NewsX.
  10. A student representative aged under 30 for young people.
What is NewsX2023-10-06T08:45:37+01:00

NewsX is a British registered Community Interest Company (CIC) which means it exists for a purpose other than profit. Our purpose is journalism.

Does NewsX have a Code of Conduct2023-10-06T08:54:50+01:00

Yes. The NewsX Code of Conduct can be found here.

Can I suggest news to my correspondent2023-10-06T08:47:30+01:00

Yes. Once registered as a News Originator, you will get the chance to build a personal relationship with the corresponding specialist in covering your stories, especially if you are an influencer. We do not take payment for coverage. If we like the story, we will write and distribute it for free. You can even comment, but we decide on the angle and the headline. You are welcome to send exclusive news and insider tips to your correspondent.

How has technology, such as search engines and social media, impacted modern journalism2023-10-06T12:25:21+01:00

Modern technology should be making the job of news gathering easier than before. But a failure to take advantage of technology’s potential, because of the disjointed polarised approach within the media landscape, has meant the Silicon Valley companies, such as Google, Microsoft and Apple, as well as social media organisations such as Meta, Twitter, and others have led the agenda and are calling the shots.

The fact is, we should be working together to maximise the potential for both.

Does NewsX use AI2023-10-06T12:31:03+01:00

No. Though it would be foolish to ignore the potential of artificial intelligence (AI), which is being widely accepted in newsrooms, but it cannot yet replace journalism with a human editor’s potential to understand what is interesting and relevant for people. NewsX is not currently using AI as we focus on original content, but our content should be a source for AI to train on.

Does NewsX use algorithms2023-10-06T12:30:45+01:00

No. NewsX editorial decisions are made by real people, often based on various facts, media representation and background knowledge. However, our content is influenced by its distribution algorithms, and we need to challenge these constantly with original, fresh content that breaks the mould.

What Is NewsX’s attitude to social media2023-10-06T12:34:31+01:00

NewsX believes we have become too dependent on social media as a way of distributing news content and also too dependent on it as a source of fresh material. Social media can play a secondary role to both distribution and sourcing, but should never be allowed to set the agenda. In addition, we are working with social media companies to develop special privileges for editorial teams to speak to people in their communities.

What is NewsX’s approach to providing news content to media partners2023-10-06T12:47:05+01:00

In the days when print editions reigned supreme, a big media organisation with hundreds of staff might still need only 150 stories to fill the paper, which could be increased if there were regional editions. But with the web, the potential use for news content is unlimited, and there is an enormous demand for new material. Because this demand has to be met, media partners are resorting to content masquerading as news that is not news. Content such as native advertising.

NewsX does not produce this type of imitation content and aims to provide fresh, independent news on an exclusive basis for almost no cost in exchange for guaranteed usage and proper accreditation for editors.

How does NewsX ensure the credibility, independence, balance, and accuracy of its news2023-10-06T13:03:48+01:00

NewsX content is produced through 10 separate stages of production, and every item must adhere to a code of conduct and style guide. Failure to do so can result in expulsion from the organisation for news producers. Nobody is more critical of bad journalism and more likely to spot it than other journalists. By having communities that are a reflection of society with all sides represented, NewsX creates an endlessly peer-reviewed newsfeed.

How does NewsX content production differ from traditional news agencies like Reuters or AP2023-10-06T13:03:37+01:00

Unlike traditional news agencies, NewsX produces exclusive content tailored for individual media partners. Traditional agencies and to produce content that can go to as many markets as possible. The NewsX model means that there is more freedom in how stories are written, because you have less additional factors to consider. In addition, NewsX content is much cheaper and will eventually be framed for media partners.

What is NewsX’s 10-step editorial production process2023-10-06T13:03:14+01:00

The idea for stories are put forward by a stringer, and these proposals are constantly examined by a commissioning editor so they may be accepted or rejected. Stories that are accepted go to the main news list where a pre copy checker makes sure that the story appears to be true, and researches the basics, before heading over to the illustrations editor who will organise the video, pictures and graphics that might be needed. This research together with the illustrations is then handed to the journalist who will do more research and write a basic story. This will then get a proper headline and be polished by a senior writer with a ctitical eye for factual errors. A picture editor then adds meta data and captions, and video will be edited into packages with any effects that need to be added such as subtitles. This completed product then goes to a news editor who will make sure that the feel of the story and the angle are correct, and will mainly check for legal risks. It then goes to the sub-editor, the final stage where spelling, style guide, and code of conduct is applied. The story then goes to the send desk to be distributed to the appropriate media partner.

How does NewsX’s decentralisation model benefit both journalists and media partners2023-10-06T13:16:13+01:00

The rules for media are constantly changing. NewsX’s decentralisation model gives media professionals the freedom to act, while maintaining core journalism values of independence and accuracy. This freedom to act, and NewsX’s communities model potentially creates new ideas that, when they work, can be implemented across the whole group.

News should not be controlled. If news communities are large enough, any reasonable story should have a chance of being published and distributed by one of the communities.

In the editorial teams, no individual will have identical interests as another, and they are free to join communities that match their interests. Likewise, media partners can associate themselves with communities that produce the content that they want.

Can you provide an example of a significant story published by a NewsX affiliate and its impact on the digital finance industry2023-10-06T13:22:13+01:00

In 2011, a current NewsX affiliate put a story out to mainstream media publications that perhaps had the biggest effect on digital finance of so far. The story has become enshrined in Blockchain folklore now.

On May 23, Laszlo Hanyecz purchased a pizza from Pappa John’s Pizza for 10,000 bitcoin. The event put the digital currency on the map and made millions of people across the world aware of the potential payment utility of cryptocurrencies. A year later, Bitcoin touched $1,000 for the first time while hundreds of other Blockchains, many central to today’s digital asset landscape, sprung up and got funded.

This is just one example of many of the businesses, new ideas and innovations that have benefitted from the spotlight of publicity arising from a NewsX affiliate story.

How does NewsX plan to use Blockchain technology in its news service2023-10-06T13:35:50+01:00

The principles and the ideas behind Blockchain are ideal for inspiring new digital concepts and enabling cutting-edge platforms, yet the technology has been often misused and can potentially be problematic.

So, while NewsX has not yet ruled out using Blockchain as a way of managing financial affairs within communities, there are many problems that need to be ironed out, and much testing that needs to be completed first.

In the meantime, two very informative explainer articles from the Blockchain Council and IBM may help demystify the technology.

What is the role of community editors and journalists in the NewsX ecosystem2023-10-06T15:02:41+01:00

There used to be a vast network of local media and specialist publications with editors that network within communities, putting businesses and their connected communities in touch with each other via the editorial content they produced.

NewsX has rebuilt this network to return trust and credibility to the media landscape, centred around community editors and reporting teams.

How can mainstream media publishers and NewsX professionals collaborate to further develop stories2023-10-06T15:10:05+01:00

As NewsX is not primarily a publisher, apart from a small local level, we are not in competition with media partners for users. Our media partners are the newsdesks that take our content.

We can easily produce tailored versions of news items, with proper accreditation, for media partners to spread their brand recognition. We also offer partner publishers an simplified way to commission and pay NewsX journalists to produce exclusive content.


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