NewsX Is A Decentralised Newsroom Community Using Blockchain To Power Real News Production And Distribution.

” NewsX is transforming the funding model for news to ensure integrity and relevance. ”

Mike Leidig

What best describes you?

Are you a…

What best describes you?

Are you a…

News Publisher
managing news content for legitimate circulation

Some examples of News Publishers are senior staff or editors of media publishers such as newspapers or magazines or broadcast services, news editors, section editors, correspondents or roundspersons, community moderators or contribution editors, and website owners or managers

News Producer
experienced in creating professional news content

Some examples of News Producers are reporters, journalists, editors, multimedia producers, photographers, and videographers

News Originator
offering original sources for news content

Some examples of News Originators are communications, PR or marketing professionals, business owners, entrepreneurs, social influencers, content creators or producers, and experts such as academics, business leaders or specialised enthusiasts

The NewsX Concept

The NewsX concept

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Recently Added FAQs

What are the initial goals of the NewsX project2023-10-10T12:47:29+01:00

To create sustainable independent journalism from a decentralised network of news communities working in different graphical regions, using different languages and covering different specialist subjects.

What consequences do writers and contributors face if they do not adhere to the journalism code at NewsX2023-10-10T12:26:40+01:00

Every individual content creator has a unique brand within NewsX, there can be no names that are the same, and each individual is responsible for protecting their brand.

Allegations of a breach of professional standards will be investigated thoroughly and a voluntary panel of NewsX members will adjudicate and rule on each instance. Details of every ruling will be published.

Content creators found to be in breach will be required to address their wrongdoings or may even be banned from NewsX for breaches of the code deemed serious enough to merit such action.

More information can be found in the NewsX Code of Conduct here.

How does NewsX deal with press releases and encourage companies to create newsworthy content2023-10-10T12:16:18+01:00

Because press releases only get published based on merit, and the only thing that will be guaranteed is that journalists agree to look at the release and provide feedback as to why it is used or rejected, it creates an ecosystem where pointless press releases become a thing of the past.

Then, once again, advertising agencies and marketing departments will have to create offers that are going to interest the media in order to gain genuine coverage that consumers of a news feed can trust.

What is a byline brand2023-10-10T12:08:49+01:00

All too often news items, when published, do not bear the name of the original content creator. But, by offering exclusive news it will be easy to enforce and insist on the original content creator’s byline being used.

This byline is the creator’s own personal brand which carries guarantees of their reputation for journalistic integrity – and creators will be expected to protect their brand by producing independent, accurate news content.

A central register records the byline and ensures that only one byline can be applied to one content creator, the same as in acting where there can be only one Tom Cruise or Robert de Niro.

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