The NewsX innovation is changing the way publishers access independent, trustworthy news content from around the globe. The reliance on traditional press agencies with their limited imagination and capacity, and their increasing need to cut quality in the search for profitability is over.

By joining NewsX you gain access to a vast network of accredited industry professionals who stake their reputation on their byline and their access to NewsX, while delivering content from every imaginable specialisation and locality. Their independence from marketing influences and the verification of their work is guaranteed.

If you are a news publisher or you manage or edit content for a news publisher you can sign up using the form below for free access to our independent news content and learn how choosing to participate in the NewsX global newsroom will make sourcing professional content inexpensive and painless.

There are only two requirements, all pictures and videos need to have the NX credit, and all text needs to include somewhere the byline of the reporter that created the content.